The Dominus Group Acquisitions services bundle our Real Estate Portfolio Planning and Market Research services into a comprehensive suite offering you the greatest operational efficiencies, portfolio planning and national investment buying support systems.     

1. Plan Your Investment Acquisitions Strategy

The Dominus Group Acquisitions services are right for investors, corporate real estate directors and fund managers charged with (1) building a new portfolio or (2) expanding or repositioning an existing portfolio.  Establish your real estate plan using Portfolio Compression techniques to maximize the performance of your real estate holdings.

2. Pick the Right Locations Based on Your Real Estate Plan

Not all cities, property types and investment strategies are a fit for every real estate plan.  The Dominus Group Acquisitions services help you leverage your decision making power by giving you direct access to the most up to date Dominus Market Selection Matrix so that you can choose the right markets for your real estate plan.  Using the Dominus Market Selection Matrix, our staff of Real Estate Portfolio Planners will help you pick the right locations to match your real estate objectives by blending your equity and cash flow strategies within a detailed property and market selection plan.

3. Evaluate Investment Inventory Based on Your Real Estate Plan

Whether you invest in land, residential housing or commercial real estate, the The Dominus Group Acquisitions services will help you make intelligent investment, market and property buying decisions.  It’s important that you use the right property types for their intended purposes as your real estate portfolio matures.  Our Transaction Management group will verify your investment plan strategies and connect you with local market Dominus Host Brokers that have been carefully selected, educated on the 4-Phase Portfolio and briefed on Dominus’ local market investment objectives. 

The local market Dominus Host Brokers will help you identify investment inventory and legally navigate the buying, due diligence, property management and ownership requirements in each local jurisdiction.

4. Monitor Local Market Conditions after You Buy

As a client of the Dominus Group services, you will receive quarterly market monitoring for the cities across the country in which you purchase property.  The ongoing market monitoring will help you plan as you prepare to execute a profitable exit strategy maximizing the short and long term performance of your real estate holdings using Portfolio Compression techniques.

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