Community Responsibility

The Dominus Group faithfully supports the communities in which we live and work. We promise only the most ethical business practicies as we serve the most ethical clients in our communities.

Honoring our Communities

Not only do we invest in sound financial transactions, we are dedicated to investing in the communities in which our clients and employees live and work. We have built a foundation that prohibits illegal or unethical financial transactions. This policy is held in each of our employees, translating to each of our clients.

The community can be sure that The Dominus Group will never engage in unethical activities - we hold a strict policy internally and take every measure to hold that policy in the community.

Responsible Business Practices

We are committed to the highest and strictest ethical policies in the financial industry. We therefore pledge to use ethical business practices in accordance with United States laws and regulations. The Dominus Group takes every effort to maintain our reputation and our partnerships with the community. Our pledge is company and community responsibility.

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