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Our synergy of talents allows us to help our clients, making us a pioneer as we head into a new horizon of investing.

About Us

The Dominus Group is an independent real estate investment firm servicing the New England Area. Our experienced staff specializes in a variety of services including asset and property management, brokerage, leasing, analysis, consultation, and real estate law.

The Internet continues to change the dynamics of the real estate industry. Consumers have begun to embrace the power of the web to research, evaluate, market, and advertise properties and business investments.

A Synergy of Insight

The Dominus Group understands the evolving real estate environment and combines traditional real estate expertise with knowledge of the latest technology, including management information systems and computer programming. This synergy of skills and talents allows us to continually help our clients, whether they are purchasing or selling real estate, making us a pioneer as we head into a new horizon of investing.

Our carefully composed team includes professionals with experience in real estate, management, information technology, statistics, and law. The combination of our skills and talents allows us to provide our clients with a customized and comprehensive experience in every aspect of a real estate transaction. 

Honor. Respect. Loyalty

The word Dominus has many meanings including, a title of respect applied to a knight or clergyman. The title of Dominus is universal across many languages. Dominus, the French equivalent being "sieur," was the Latin title of the feudal, superior and mesne, lords, and also an ecclesiastical and academic title. The Spanish form of Dominus is also a title, formerly applicable only to the nobility, but now one of courtesy and respect applied to all members of any class. The ecclesiastical title was rendered in English "sir." The academic use is for a bachelor of arts, and is therefore still used at many prestigious universities.

Traditionally, these professions symbolize and personify the meaning of honor, respect, and loyalty. These are virtues that make up the most selective professionals, and is now the mission of our company as we strive to satisfy each one of our clients. The Dominus Group's goal is to support our clients' investment and real estate needs.

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